Arturo Pelayo

Arturo Pelayo

We are Ocean. Who will you be?

At the heart of Humanity lie concepts such as curiosity, imagination, resourcefulness and a natural gravitation towards community building and governance.

Life, including human life, originated from the ocean. It is perhaps wise that this is where we have to return to find the path to our future.

At Ocean University we are planning a global expedition in a transformed passenger cruise ship that will serve as a tabula rasa for the exploration of what our common humanity is. In this dedicated neutral space, our quest doesn't begin by looking to the next trend or technological advance: Ocean sets the stage for human exploration in an expedition that will circumnavigate the globe exploring basic needs of the peoples of this planet.

Gaining a basic, first-hand understanding of humanity will open the possibility for program participants to begin conversations, collaborating and co-designing solutions for climate change, biodiversity, human mobility and intercultural communications. Ocean is a design collaborative at sea. Let's explore together the human diaspora.

Arturo Pelayo's passion is to interconnect people and empower them to leverage their experiences and interactions through Instructional Design & Social Media.

Arturo believes that design is an art of listening, observing and emergent thinking.

As a design nomad, he has worked in Germany, UK, USA and also in his native Mexico as trainer, podcaster, web strategist and community organizer.

When he doesn't have his designer hat on, he can be found facilitating Race Relations seminars, volunteering in various social justice events or working through many organizations that keep him thinking bold on what is next. He leads his design practice through his portal: Follow him on twitter through @mexiwi

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