The H+ Summit @ Harvard is an educational, and scientific outreach event, that covers the themes of the impact of technology on the human condition. It is hosted, and organized by the Harvard College Future Society, in cooperation with Humanity+.

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Futurism and Transhumanism

The H+ Summit is part of a larger cultural conversation about what it means to be human and, ultimately, more than human. This issue lies at the heart of the transhumanism movement, and you can learn more about these topics in many places online:

The Harvard College Future Society

The Harvard Future Society is a student organization dedicated to promoting awareness and understanding of the potential of technological growth to alter society. We encourage rational assessment of the threats and promises that will face us in the years to come as technologies that we can now only dream of begin to become tangible realities. We believe that our lifetimes could see substantive improvements in every field from cognitive enhancement to radical life extension, artificial intelligence to human space flight. We hope to be prepared for the changes that these technologies will wrought.


Humanity+ is an international nonprofit membership organization which advocates the ethical use of technology to expand human capacities. The 2009 H+ Summit was held in Irvine, California.