The Program of the 2009 Humanity+ Summit


8:00am - 9:00, 60mins
REGISTRATION (Coffee + Baked Goods + 3D demos)

9:00am-9:10am, 10mins
Short EON Welcome.. "What are all these gadgets and displays?"

9:10am-9:30am, 20mins
Birthday Keynote: Alex Lightman: Finding and Funding the Future - In Search of Trillion Dollar Technologies

Morning Master of Ceremonies: Alex Lightman 9:30am-11am, 90mins Longevity

  • Aubrey de Grey: The Singularity and the Methuselarity: similarities and differences AGI/AI - 20mins
  • Gregory Fahy: Why de Grey is too Pessimistic about Life Extension - 20mins
  • Christine Peterson: Life Extension: Personal Implementation - 10mins
  • Sonia Arrison: The Politics of Radical Longevity - 10mins
  • Ken Hayworth: A Brain Preservation Technology Prize - 10mins
11am-11:20am, 20mins
BREAK (Coffee + Baked Goods + 3D demos)

  11:20-12:30, 70mins
  • David Pearce: Redesigning the Hedonic Treadmill - 20mins
  • Steve Omohundro, Ph.D.: The Wisdom of the Global Brain - 20mins
  • Dan Miller: Through The Looking Glass: Simulation, Reality, and Awesum Gamez - 15mins
  • Joann Kuchera-Morin / Using the Creative Process to Map N-Dimensions: Quantum Information at your Fingertips- 15mins
12:30-2pm, 90mins
LUNCH - 4 or 5 Meeting Areas for 1hr Discussions
  • Christine Peterson: Let's compare notes on what we can do TODAY, or soon, to improve our personal longevity.
  • Heather Vescent: Justice in the Post-Human (H+) World
  • M.A. Greenstein: Neural Humanity and Implications for Tech Interface!
  • Alex Lightman: How Science Fiction Catalyzes Technology and Transforms Society
2pm-2:15pm, 15mins
Afternoon Master of Ceremonies: Todd Huffman
2:15pm-3:45pm, 90 mins
  • Patri Friedman: Seasteading: The Extended Phenotype of Transhumanism - 20mins
  • Bryan Bishop, Ben Lipkowitz: How to make a civilization seed - 20mins
  • Edward Miller: Hacking Subjectivity: A Feature Plan for Systems which Don’t Suck - 10mins
  • Heather Knight: Your Cyborg Grandmother - 10mins
  • Joseph P Jackson: Agalmics 101: Towards the Theory and Practice of Post Scarcity Interaction - 10mins
  • Marcin Jakubowski: Building Post-Scarcity, Resilient Communities - 10mins
  • James J Hughes - Building Transhumanism as a Political Movement - 10mins
3:45-4:15pm, 30mins
BREAK/DEMOS (Coffee + Cookies)

4:15-5:30pm, 90mins


Arts & Entertainment
  • PJ Manney: How Yucky Got Yummy: The Evolution of Empathy in H+ Media - 20mins
  • RU Sirius: From the Cyberpunk to the Transhuman: Can we make H+ hip… and should we? - 20mins
  • Natasha Vita-More: Human Enhancement – Complex Issues - 20mins
  • Kristi Scott: Constructing the Future Through the Cinematic Lens of Dystopic Science Fiction Futures - 10mins
  • Jason Silva: The Catalytic Intersection or Art and Technology - 10mins
After you find your own dinners, there will be an open reception in the tented courtyard at the Hyatt Regency Irvine..


8:00am - 9:15am, 75mins
REGISTRATION + Coffee + Baked Goods + 3D demos

Informal Meeting with Alex Lightman, Todd Huffman, and Ben Goetzel to discuss H+ with potential candidates for the board elections in January 2010.

9:00-9:10am, 15mins
EON presentation: - 10mins

9:10am - 9:30am, 20mins
Morning Master of Ceremonies: Dylan Morris

9:30am-11am, 90mins
  • Ramez Naam: Humanity 2020:  The Next 10 Years of Human Development- 20mins
  • Todd Huffman: Whole Brain Emulation - 20mins
  • Anselm Levskaya: Building an I/O Interface to Cells and Brains - 20mins
  • Andrew Hessel: Strategies for biological and neurological persistence - 10mins
  • Oren Schaedel: Genetics and Biochemistry of Nutrition and Aging - 10mins
  • Carlo Quinonez: Equigene: Changing the Race - 10mins
11am-11:20am, 20mins
BREAK (Coffee + Baked Goods)

11:20-12:30, 70mins
  • Ben Goertzel: A Roadmap Toward Human-Level Artificial General - 20mins
  • Peter Voss: Real AI for ROI - 20mins
  • Monica Anderson: Artificial Intuition as a Prerequisite to AI - 15mins
  • Travis Savo: The Crying Machine: Technological Psychology and Computers With Emotion - 15 mins
12:30-2, 90mins
LUNCH - 4 or 5 Meeting Areas for 1hr Discussions
  • Huffman / Hayworth: Brain Emulation Lecture and Lunch
  • Monica Anderson: "Artificial Intuition and other Model Free Methods"
  • Ben Goertzel: "Advanced AI Technology: Implications for Science, Business, Humanity, and the Future of Intelligence"
  • Alex Lightman: Working with H+.
  • Brian Selzer: 2010-2020 - "The Decade of Ubiquity" with Immersive Augmented Reality Vision
2-2:15pm, 15mins
Afternoon Master of Ceremonies: Doug Campbell

2:15-3:45pm, 90mins
  • Brent Bushnell & Eric Gradman: Playing with the Future! - 15mins
  • Matt Bell: How Computer Vision will Augment Human Capability - 15mins
  • Jamie Zigelbaum: Digital Dactyls - 10mins
  • Brian Selzer: Reinventing Reality with AR - 15mins
  • Ed Lantz: Pervasive Projections and Social Space - 15mins
Richard Whitney: Interface: Translator between Biological and Digital  - 15mins
3:45-4:15pm, 30mins
BREAK/DEMOS (Coffee + Cookies)

4:15-5:15pm, 60mins
  • Lisa Rein and Bob Dietz: Dr. Timothy Leary’s Mind Mirror- 20mins
  • MA Greenstein: Biofeedback and Sparking Our Neural Humanity - 15mins
  • Eduardo Sciammarella: The Collective Conscious of Man and the AI Grid - by Syntiant - 15mins
  • Ariel Blumenthal: Technology, Architecture and Music - 10mins
5:15-5:35pm, 20mins
Universal Progress

John Smart: Metaverse 2.0: Cybertwins, the Valuecosm, and Symbiont Networks - 20mins

CLOSING TALK: Alex Lightman: Yours is the World

Evening Activity
Meet after if you want to have informal dinner together. There are numerous restaurants nearby: Irvine Spectrum Mall - Dave and Busters etc..